Should You Repair or Replace Your Siding

Should You Repair or Replace Your Siding

Most of the time, when we think about home repairs, we remember that broken pipe from last week or those bulbs at the attic that you know you have to replace. But, how many times have you considered replacing or repairing your house’s siding?

Siding should lasts for a long period of time, granting you and your family protection against raining, high and low temperatures and most of what the nature has to offer, but like pretty much everything in life, you would eventually have to change or fix it.

To Fix or Replace Your Siding

Now, if your house is quite old and you have never done anything for the siding, you may want to take a look at this list to find out if it is still strong.

  • If you see fungus or any kind of growth. As you may know, fungus grows in humid areas, so this might be a sign that water is getting through the siding.
  • If you see the siding is peeling or cracking. In most of the cases, the wallpaper, tiling or painting on the inside will start coming off, too.
  • If you realize that the materials are soft. Use a tool or your own hands to check the siding. It should not be loose or malleable.

Here is what to look for on your siding and how to do minor repairs.

Let’s say that you went out and saw that your siding has the problems mentioned in the list. What to do now? You have some spear time this weekend so you are sure that you can repair it by your own, save some money and also look awesome. But, are you sure that is the best option?

First, you need to consider how bad the damage is. If just one piece of wood or vinyl came off, sure you can repair it. However, here is a pros-and-cons list between repairing and replacing the sidings.


It is a lot cheaper since you would not need to buy expensive materials and you can do it yourself. If you had to repair it once, you will have to repair it twice and maybe three of four more times.

Works just perfect when there is a small damage. If you want to sell your house, a repaired siding, most of the times, will decrease its value.


You will do it just once and it will last longer. It is an expensive service.
It will increase the value of your house. Depending on the damage, it might take a while for the siding to be completely replaced.

There you go, you have a lot of information about sidings and what to do, all you have to do is discuss with your family, show them the pros and cons about replacing and repairing and make the best decision for you.