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What We Offer

Ground Up Initiative offers an array of services designed to support this revolutionary soccer program model. From the program design, curriculum development to teacher training and program logistics. Everything we do is carefully thought-out, and most importantly, proven to work. 



Design, Vision, and Structure

We work closely with school leaders to ensure the soccer vision aligns with the broader vision of the organization. All this while focusing on program quality, scaling, and sustainability.


Professional Development

We offer high-quality professional development with emphasis on a soccer-specific curriculum, sports psychology, mindfulness, and program logistics.





Program Logistics

We provide support with uniform/equipment sourcing, communications, event planning, club rollout, field/court development, and any other school needs used in efforts to execute the best possible program.


Player Centered Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed in such way so it promotes holistic child development while focusing on age-specific learning objectives and mastery.


Talent Identification/Pathways

We follow closely at every individual student-athlete, ensuring he/she is supported while growing within the program. Our Talent ID systems ensure there aren't any children that are overlooked, nor any children that are not pushed to their maximum potential.


Staff Hiring and Development

Finding the right fit for the coaching role is key to the program's success. We provide support in sourcing, hiring and training soccer coaches for your organization. We also support their growth through targeted development in person and via online workshops.

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